Section 1: MESSAGE

REGIONAL CASE STUDY: HM Queen Rania of Jordan’s speech at the World Economic Forum 2013 (The first link is to a transcript of the WEF speech - sadly the video is no longer available online. But don’t worry, because the second link is to a video of a similar speech Queen Rania gave at at the United Nations in New York the same year - notice Queen Rania’s trademark of a powerful opening, this time with a quote.)

Lesson #1: Nancy Duarte’s One Big Idea (a link to Duarte’s quick guide for creating One Big Idea, and to Al Gore’s classic 2006 TED Talk that she helped create)

Lesson #2: Steve Jobs’ & Carmine Gallo's Twitter-friendly headline (a link to Jobs legendary keynote unveiling the iPhone in 2007 - the killer moment is at 3 minutes. Then two Gallo links: his lessons from Jobs, and my 2016 interview with him for Dubai Eye radio.)

Lesson #3: President Eisenhower’s ‘Inside of a Matchbox’ rule (link to his historic 1961 farewell TV address - go to 1 min 45 secs for the classic line *We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence by the Military Industrial Complex*)

Lesson #6: Clickbait tricks from & (link to Upworthy’s first million hit post)


Section 1b: Audience

Lesson #8: Professor Andrew Abela’s research on audience personality profiles (link to Prof Abela’s personal notes on his website - more detailed and nuanced than the analysis in Crowdpleaser)

Lesson #11: The Wolf of Wall Street on giving you audience a Magical Gift  (link  to my radio interview with Jordan Belfort, 2015)