Section 4: STYLE

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REGIONAL CASE STUDY: HH Sheikh Said bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s speech at the World Government Summit 2016 (This version has English subtitles)

Lesson #47: 134 Reasons Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream is a Rhetorical Masterpiece  (a link to King's legendary 1963 speech in Washington.)

Lesson #49: Ronald Reagan's Call to Action (a link to Reagan's historic 'Tear Down this Wall' speech in Berlin, 1987. Skip to 11 mins 16 secs, when he begins the build up to his dramatic call to action.)

Lesson #50: John F Kennedy's Rhetorical Masterclass (a wonderful compilation of his greatest moments, including "Ask not what your country can do for you..." (at the start) "We shall never negotiate our of fear..." (25 seconds) and "We choose to go to the moon..." (2 mins 10 secs)).

Lesson #53: Churchill's Scaffolding of Rhetoric - how to win a war with words (two links - the first to a compilation of his greatest speeches. The second a wonderful commentary on his oratory by his biographer - and former UK Foreign Secretary - Boris Johnson)