Section 5: VISUAL

5 Visuals Section.png

REGIONAL CASE STUDY: Yousef Tuqan’s Arabs Be Like keynote at the Cannes Lions Festival 2015 (A brilliant blend of hard facts, stunning visuals and stand-up comedy! His ‘one killer message’ is delivered at 5 mins 20 seconds: “Today’s Audience is Connected, Young, and Confused.”)

Lesson #54: Professor John Medina: The ‘picture superiority effect’: why vision trumps all other senses   (Two links. The first to Prof John Medina's Brain Rules website, where he explains why vision trumps all others sense. The second to Prof Mary Potter's original MIT study on how humans can recognise images in just 13 milliseconds.)

Lesson #56: Professor Edward Tufte on Chartjunk, PLUS Lesson #57: PowerPoint's role in the 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle disaster  (a link to Prof Edward Tufte's analysis of the controversial Boeing PowerPoint slide during the 2003 Columbia Space Shuttle mission. Warning: it's detailed and complex - only for those who really crave deeper understanding of the 'chartjunk' idea from first principles.)

Lesson #58: Why Nigel Holmes won & Prof Edward Tufte lost a 30-year design row: the academic verdict (two links. The first a simple comparison of the two competing charts. The second to the detailed study by researchers at the University of Saskatchewan)

Lesson #60: Seth Godin: No more than six words per slide - ever! (link to Seth's classic blog post on Really Bad PowerPoint - and how to avoid it.)