Section 6: DELIVER 

6 Deliver Section.png

REGIONAL CASE STUDY: Fadi Ghandour’s 2011 Ramallah TED Talk (Fadi does many thinks brilliantly. His powerful opening - he jumps straight into his first story after just one word of pleasantries “morning” - sets the tone for a brilliant talk.)


Lesson #66: Amy Cuddy on how Wonder Woman can turn a nervous wreck into a star speaker (Two links. First, her legendary TED Talk. Second, an article in Forbes looking at the attack against Cuddy’s ‘Power Pose’ thesis - and Cuddy’s counter-attack.)

Lesson #67: Bill Clinton got booed when when started - but went on to be President and the highest paid speaker in history (CNN’s short highlights reel of Bill’s Democratic Convention speeches - including the disastrous 1988 speech when his supporters cheered when he said the words “in closing”!)

Lesson #70: Scott Berkun on how to overcome nerves by practising like a stand-up comic (A link to the original blog on Berkun’s website).

Lesson #75: Dan Roam: Prepare great content and practise: the slow fix for overcoming nerves (A link to Dan’s ‘Talks at Google’ presentation about his book Show and Tell. He looks at famous people like John Travolta and Adele who struggle with public speaking.)

Lesson #76: The Mayo Clinic guide to overcoming public speaking phobia (A link to the original article on the Mayo Clinic website)

Lesson #77: Scott Schwertly: Pick the ‘presentation persona’ that suits you - take the test! (A link to the ‘Badge’ test developed by author and presentation coach Scott Shwertly, to help you discover which of the 16 ‘presentation personas’ best fits you).

Lesson #79: Susan Cain & Charles diCagno: Introverts can & do overcome fear - if they build up gradually. (A link to diCagno’s Top 10 tips for overcoming the fear of public speaking. You have to register, but it only takes a couple of minutes It’s well worth it.)

Lesson #80: Toastmasters: Your greatest tool as a speaker is your voice - Learn how to use it . (A link to the original Toastmasters document, which is an incredibly practical (and free) guide to becoming a better speaker.)

Lesson #82: Master the 12 ‘charismatic leadership tactics’. (A link to the original article by the authors in Harvard Business Review.)

Lesson #83: Tony Robbins: Swear (or at least use casual, conversational language) (Two links. First, the trailer to the Netflix documentary ‘I am not your guru’ in which Robins swears repeatedly. Second, an interview in which he explains why he uses profanity (explanation starts at 2 mins 18 seconds).)